Minnesota Home Seller: Basic Selling Tips

These tips for Minnesota home sellers may seem basic but often there are sellers who start the process with different ideas than these in mind.

Minnesota Home Seller Tips:

1. Price the home at Market Value:  The market has improved so you don’t need to price the home below market value.  However, if you think it makes sense to price the home above market value your likely not going to make out how you want on your home either.  Most buyers now are looking at homes and deciding which one is listed at the best value. 90% of buyers will pay at or close to your listing price if its at market value.  Pricing it above market in case you get low ball offers just will waste time in the 2014 Minnesota Real Estate market.

2. Clean and de-cluttered your home before listing – Homes that appear to need cleaning typically chase the buyers out the door. Even if they do consider the home they will likely think its over priced if its messy and cluttered.

3. Allow access for showings – Sounds simple.  But some sellers don’t make it easy to show the home.  Pets in the home, short sales that are not flexible with showings, renters in a listing…all can make it hard to get showings confirmed which may end up with buyers not looking at the property.

4. Do Repairs before listing –  If there is deferred maintenance items in the home its best to do those repairs before listing.  You can get a pre listing home inspection to see what will come up on a home inspection. Often buyers ask for those repairs on the items needing maintenance.  So why not do these up front to increase the odds of getting a better offer, and smoother sale.

Selling a Minnesota Home is not easy, even with the market moving up. You still have to do these little things right from the start!