Minnesota Contract for Deed Homes Revisted

Many home buyers in Minnesota looking for contract for deed options don’t fully understand what they are looking for or what they need to buy a home on a contract for deed in Minnesota.

Contract for deed homes are not rentals or rent to own homes. The owner needs a larger down payment then a rental deposit.  A Minnesota Contract for deed seller is generally looking for 10-20% for a down payment.

The larger down payment amount can often eliminate contract for deed as a buyer option.  If you can’t buy a home through traditional financing or with contract for deed financing then you can look for a rental or rent to own home.

The best thing to do is to work on your credit….both time and diligence with your spending and usage of credit can help get a persons credit in a position to buy fairly quickly.

If you are in a position to put a large down payment down and buy a home on a contract for deed its now a good idea to talk to a Realtor who works with contract for deeds directly. For example if you have 10-20% to put down. I can help you work with an investor to find a home that you want to buy, not just the homes listed as available contract for deed in the MLS/IDX searches.

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