Low Price Homes In Minnesota

Home buyers in Minnesota that are looking for low price homes for sale, say homes in the $100,000 and less price range are finding that options are few.

As we entered 2014 I wrote several market updates for the Twin Cities metro area counties. In 2013 there were still hundreds of sales of Minnesota homes under $100,000.

Many of the new home buyer contacts that email mail and call me looking for properties are looking for homes under $100,000. Its a challenge to find buyers homes in the price range. It because an even hard challenge if the buyer is looking for an acreage home in Minnesota under $100,000 close to the twin cities metro area.

There are still a good amount of townhomes and condos in the $100k and under price range that are nice homes.  Most of the none townhome listings are fixer upper listings in this price range.

Low price homes in Minnesota have been bought up by investors and first time buyers.  There is a lower supply of homes available, and a lot of buyers looking so the demand for homes has driven the prices up a good amount over the last couple of years.

If your looking for a $100,000 or lower home in Minnesota here are some insights:

1. Have the CASH to buy the home if it needs a lot of work. Financing options are limited on fixer uppers and the sellers prefer cash in these situations.

2.  Townhomes are the most move in ready homes in the price range. Some financing options may not work on some of these homes.

3. If your looking for an acreage property you will need to expand your search to the outlying areas of the metro and beyond.

Use this website to set up a search for homes in Minnesota under $100,000.

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