How to Find The Best Investment Homes In Minnesota

Whether your looking for your first Investment Property in Minnesota or you are a season investment buyer lets look at the best ways to find Investment Properties in Minnesota in 2014!

Many of these options I help buyers directly with.  Sometimes I help indirectly as a facilitator.  There are options where a buyer may find a deal on their own.

1. Short Sale Homes for Sale in Minnesota– Probably the best prices on homes listed in the MLS/IDX service are short sale homes.  In 2014 you must be prepared to wait several months to get lender approval.

2. Bank Owned Homes in Minnesota–  Bank owned homes were great deals in 2011 and 2012. The prices started to rise in 2013 and this year it will be much harder to find bank owned bargains. You find most of these online on the listings service.

3. Off market distressed properties in Minnesota – These are homes that could be going into foreclosure, or they simply could be homes in need of a lot of repair that sellers need to get out of quick to a cash buyer.  I have also seen situations where a seller will offer a contract for deed with a strong down payment on a home that they are current on or don’t owe anything on, but just simply cannot repair/maintain. You might find these by word of mouth and through neighbors or friends of friends.

4. Sheriff Sale Properties – Perhaps attend the sheriff sales at your local county and try to find a deal that way. Sometimes the sheriff auction price is low and you can find a steal.  You find these deals be looking online at the county websites or in the local papers for the foreclosure postings.