How To Find Minnesota Contract for Deed Listings

Are you looking to buy a home but your credit, job history, or is a past foreclosures or bankruptcy keeping you from being approved for a loan?

Have you thought about looking for a contract for deed home? Today I am starting a blog series to help you find a home and purchase it on contract for deed.

At the time of this post there are 440 homes available contract for deed on the MLS/IDX search. At the bottom of the page you can contact me with a little info about your specific situation and we can see what we can find for contract for deed options in Minnesota.

How do you find Minnesota Contract for deed listings?

1. You can search the MLS/IDX website listings and sort by contract for deed financing option. — Often you will need a Realtor to run the search for you to make sure your not missing options.

2. Often Realtors and Sellers market contract for deeds in their blogs, classified adds and other advertising sources. Again this can be tough searching blogs, googleing areas and its probably easier to contact a Realtor who works with Contract for Deed buyers in Minnesota.

3. Some sellers who have vacant homes will not market it available for contract for deed, but if your situation (overall financial status) looks worthwhile a seller may decide to work with you. I do a search for these type homes through off market sources and checking with specific listings that look like an option to me.

4. Find an investor who will purchase any home for you on the market and sell it back to you on a contract for deed. There are a few investors that will do this. I have a couple investors I would with that consider carrying a contract for deed.

In summary, I work with a lot of contract for deed buyers and sellers in Minnesota. If your trying to find a home available in Minnesota I can work with you to help you find options! Let me know more about your situation at the contact box below and I will follow up with you.

Call (612) 290-3809

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