Elk River MN Move Up Homes For Sale

Elk River MN Move Up Homes

Find great homes for sale in Elk River!

Find great homes for sale in Elk River!

Search All Move Up Homes Available in Elk River, MN (3BR, 2BA, 3 Stall Garage, $250K+)

With the Elk River MN Real Estate market improving we are starting to see several people sell their current townhomes, or starter homes and MOVE UP to a bigger homes -their dream home!!

Depending on what your first home is, perhaps a townhome or even a 2 BR on the main level split entry home…you may have a different idea of what your MOVE UP home is!

The homes linked above in the Elk River Home Search are for move up homes that are at least $250k, with 3 BR, 2 BAs and a 3 stall garage.  Many of the move up home buyers are looking for 3 BR on one level, 3 stall garages and often some acreage.

The Elk River Area offers great homes on acreage, several great two story homes with 3-4 BRs on the same level and many other great home options for the MOVE UP buyer.

Should You Sell Your Home Before Buying Your Next Home

Since the Elk River MN home market has improved often buyers will first start their home search online to see what options are out there. Then they often contact a Realtor to confirm what their current home’s value is.  Next they talk to a lender to see what financing they can obtain.

Once they are approved for a purchase they will often go check out some of their favorite homes.  When they find a home they like the decision then becomes:

1) Do we make an offer contingent on our home selling?

Answer: Its fine to make a contingent offer.  Your home should be on the market or ready to go on the market at a price that will sell in the first 2-3 weeks.  If another buyer comes forward to purchase the other home you may still lose it.

2) Do we list our home and sell it and then go make an offer that is not contingent on our home selling?

Answer: This is a better option then option 1 if you feel comfortable there will be homes you like available when your home does sell.  Sellers like the non contingent offers when possible.

3) We can buy a home without ours selling, how should we proceed?

Answer: Often in this situation clients will find a home and get an accepted offer and then work on listing and selling their home in a comfortable time period.

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