Contract For Deed Homes In Minnesota with 10% Down

If you read through this website or see some of the related topic links below you will notice I post topics often about Minnesota Contract for Deed Homes. I have blogs with all the listings available contract for deed in Twin Cities area and north metro counties of Minnesota.

I have blogs on how to buy a MN Contract for deed and different things to look for when buying a seller financing property or contract for deed property in MN.  I normally have a couple active listings available contract for deed. Right now I have acreage properties in both North Branch and Stanchfield that offer seller financing.

The most common theme I think I notice when helping buyers or sellers with a Minnesota Contract for deed is: 10% down is needed at minimum to buy a contract for deed. There are a few exceptions…

However, the challenge is that the buyer looking for a contract for deed does not always like the property being offered as a contract for deed!

The questions is: ” Can you find me an investor to buy a home for me and sell it back to me on a contract for deed.?”

Good news!  Yes, I have a couple investors that will buy a home and sell it back to you on a contract for deed!

Here is what they are normally looking for:

1. 10% down or more.

2. Steady/ Verifiable income.

3. 2-4 year balloon period where after that you can get your own financing.

4. Credit history that shows the ability to establish and maintain credit moving forward.  Foreclosures and bankruptcy are common in these scenarios but have you for the most part had a good history before that bad stretch of time that cause the credit challenges.

5.  Before they make an successful offer they will need that down payment money deposited  with them so they have security on them accepting the initial offer.

6. They will also what a contract subject to them obtain the property agreed on in writing with terms of the contract.

7. Note for an investor to spend money they are making a good return on else where they will often need a 6-8% interest rate. Or they can just keep there money invested else where.

8. They will also to have the buyers pay a premium above what they purchase the home for.  That might be a 10% premium.  Meaning they buy the home for $150,000….your purchase price would be $165,000.  Again, an investor does investments to make money.  Thus they need to make money or they won’t do the deal.

The benefit of doing a contract for deed and paying a higher price for the house is the idea you are getting a house you want.  Often the homes offered contract for deed are already 10% or higher over market, so the investor getting a good price and then making it 10% higher is still market value often on a contract for deed in Minnesota.

If you are interested in trying to work with an investor to purchase a property and do a contract for deed agreement with you please contact Chuck Carstensen at RE/MAX Results at 612-290-3809 or